Preserving Teeth, Tissues and Implants

Sunstar oral care solutions embrace a complete portfolio of innovative and high-quality oral care products designed to help professionals Prevent, Treat, Save, Preserve, Support and Maintain teeth, tissues and implants.

Sunstar's oral care range (GUM®, BUTLER®) provide preventative, treatment and maintenance products used in conjunction with professional hygiene programs. Should periodontal disease progress, Sunstar GUIDOR® products assist professionals achieve a return to health of diseased, damaged or aesthetically challenged dentition with product to diagnostically test, clinical treat and surgically correct.





The mouth is host for a bacterial flora that needs balance to remain commensal. Brushing, flossing and rinsing with Sunstar GUM products eliminate plaque and help maintains healthy gums. Sometimes when oral hygiene is deficient, pathogenic bacteria prevail causing gingivitis (a soft tissue inflammation) that can evolve into periodontitis (inflammation of hard and soft tissue around the teeth). If not managed, periodontitis can progress to affect the underlying bone creating a periodontal pocket. The gold standard treatment for periodontal pockets is mechanical debridement by scaling and root planing. Sometimes, even after thorough mechanical debridement and a committed oral hygiene regimen a periodontal pocket increases in size (over 3mm) creating a niche for bacterial colonisation leading to deeper periodontal pockets and ultimately bone and tooth loss.


Similar poor hygiene and conditions can exist around a dental implant where bacteria and plaque can form on the implant surface and adjacent teeth which then play a role in altering the bacterial composition of the peri-implant sulcus leading to a peri-implantitis with bone resorption, loss of osseointegration with a possible consequential loss of the dental implant as a result. 

 Sunstar GUIDOR’s brand vision is to transform protocols and provide oral care professionals with state-of-the-art solutions for surgical oral rehabilitation. Its mission is to create clinically proven products and services that enable oral care professionals to diagnose, treat and correct oral deficiencies and achieve predictable and sustainable outcomes.


Sunstar and the GUIDOR brand team support the professional periodontal and implant market sector through strategic partnerships and sponsorships across a wide range of regional and international societies and research centers.